In Loving Memory of my brother Frank 

To all of you wonderful; compassionate people at Arbors, 

Just so you know – thank you. You made a difference. 

Thank you for taking such good care of my brother. You all made his time here happy and his quality of life once he arrived at Arbors was so good. He really liked all of you very much, and talked about you all the time. I am grateful and thankful to all of you, God bless all of you. 


Lorraine DeFalco 



To the entire staff of Arbors Care Center,     

We would like to take this time to thank “everyone” for all of the care you have given to Maryann during her stay at the Arbors.   It meant so much to us, as her sisters, that her needs as well as our concerns were taken care of when most needed.    

May God bless you for all the work that you do!    

Sincerely,   Ceil Graulochoff and Carol Slack     


Good Morning,     

I received your phone call about the escrow account procedure. Thank you.   Also, much appreciation and a large thank you to you and your entire staff at Arbors; everyone who came in contact with my Mom was courteous, kind and professional. Everyone added to the comfort of my Mom and eased my fears of allowing others to care for her.    

Thank you and be well,    

Hairy Toulgoat    


Dear Bonnie,     

I just felt compelled to send you this thank you note.   If ever there is a day when you feel that you have a thankless job, please read this because you don’t!    

Whenever I needed help with my Aunt you went above and beyond the call of duty. I wish you all the best that life has to offer.    

 Thank you so much!    


Peter G. Farrell     


Dear Arbors Care Center,       

It has been exactly six weeks since my father passed away at your facility and I am writing this letter on behalf of my family and myself. My father passed away after being in your excellent care for ten days. During his last ten days, my father was treated with dignity, respect and the kind of care he would have received if we were able to do the job that you did at Arbors Care.     My father Thomas McNamara had been in and out of another nursing home, hospital and rehab facility a few times. We were called on January 4th and told my father would be discharged from the rehab facility and his bed in the nursing home section had been given away. The family was in total shock and panic. The thought of canvassing the nursing homes in the area again to get my father the best care was overwhelming. This, topped with the fact that we all work full time and had four days to make the move, seemed impossible. Then we were told about Arbors Care Center. Your admission process on the following Monday, January 10th was seamless and as my mother, sister and I were signing forms with Bonnie Lane, my father was being placed in his room. We asked if his room could be moved closer to the front, if at all possible, and he was moved the following day.      

During the first week of my fathers stay at Arbors Care Center, we were kept informed of each and every change and new development in his treatment. Due to the fact that he had a wound-vac on his heel for the wounds that were being treated, your staff kept us in the loop on all the developments that were occurring. The issue of hospice was broached and on Friday my mother and brother Mathew went to learn all about this option and its benefits.      

On Saturday morning January 15, I received a call from one of your staff that my father’s breathing had become shallow and we should come to Arbors. It was at that time that we realized that my father was in a state of decline and that hospice was the best route for him. The family decision was made and the removal of his wound-vac was planned. Once this was removed and my father was allowed to receive pain medication as needed, he was in a state of peace and comfort. During this time, your staff continued to treat him and my family with utmost care. We were able to stay with him round the clock and this was a great comfort to us. I had the honor of spending the last night with my father and the staff could not have been more accommodating. Although my father was no longer able to respond, your staff spoke to him and bathed him with all of the same care given to one who is aware.      

My father died on Wednesday, January 19th with his wife of 58 years, Dorothy at his side as well his six children. We will be forever grateful for having had this time with him; leading up to his death and directly after. Your staff let us stay in the room after he passed and even brought in sandwiches and coffee and gave us all the time we wanted to say good-bye. As we left (all but my brother who wanted to stay with him until his body was taken-he knew he was not there but somehow could not bear to leave him alone) you packed up the food and were so kind and gentle with all of us. It is something that will never be forgotten and is truly appreciated. I had the honor of getting to know Melanie, Shanna and Catie on the night/day of my father’s death. I know I probably misspelled their names and all of your staff were wonderful, but these three ladies treated my father wonderfully and helped me bear the seemingly unbearable.      

All of you treated my father as if he were still the man he once was. Thank you for all the good work that you do and a special thanks from the entire McNamara Family.      

With Utmost Appreciation,       

Dorothy, Denise, Alison, Thomas, Janice, James and Matthew       


Dear Bonnie,       

Thank you very much for your kindness, special care and TLC taking care of my dad, Gus Koenig. After mom (Agnes) died, you gave dad the extra TLC and compassion he needed as a result of his broken heart and sadness. I appreciate the extra support and time you gave him during his time of loneliness and unhappiness.       

This is a very sad year for us. We lost both, mom on 6/21 and dad on 9/25. We are grateful for all your support, blessings and prayers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.       


Kathy and Vern       


To: Arbors Care Center       

Subject: Mike Manganello       

I wish to congratulate Arbors for taking care of Mike for ten years and going through the trouble to keep him content and happy. Even when I’m not there for several days, I can tell by his disposition that he is content with the daily care given by the entire staff.       

Jen Maroney makes sure Mike attends some of the activities and keeps a close watch to ensure he receives his needed exercise. Even though Mike does not like to get out of bed, Jen Moroney gets him up a few days a week and even tries to get him to the dinning room.       

My thanks to the Arbors’ entire staff for all of their efforts ensuring Mike is a happy camper. Mike never complains about anything and is always pleasant and in a good mood whenever I visit. He is a man of few words, but he is always cheerful because of the Arbors’ staff. Whenever I visit, Mike always thanks me for coming and never has a harsh word.       

The Arbors staff makes my life better because I know Mike is in good hands and I do not have to worry about his care.       

Thanks for a job well done!       

Satisfied customer,       

June Manganello       


My father, Steven Shears has been a resident at your facility for close to two years. During this time, I have visited Dad on numerous occasions, on the day and evening shifts, both during the week and on weekends. I have observed staff interact with Dad and my Mom and have personally had many interactions with your staff while visiting Dad and when making phone calls to ask how he was doing.        

I wish to recognize several staff and thank them for their kindness and responsiveness when caring for Dad…I would like to express my thanks to those individuals who generally work on the day shift: Jen, Kristen, Kathy, Mary and Greg….when I thanked Kristin the other day for being so nice, she replied: “Please don’t thank me, I’m just doing my job”. On the evening shift: Karen, Linda, Judy, Doris and Kevin seem to truly enjoy taking care of the residents.        

India, your Director of Recreation, who I have always observed to have a positive, upbeat personality appears to truly want to provide the best for residents and their families….Natalie is personable, friendly and often stops by when I am visiting “to see how Dad is doing.”        

Helene has always been kind to Mom and me and has been compassionate and thoughtful in how she has communicated and responded….Hildegarde is one of your employees who goes the extra mile.        

I would appreciate it if you would convey my thanks and gratitude to the staff…they are to be commended for the fine care that they provide to Dad and to the other residents at The Arbors. I thank them for their caring, understanding, accessibility and compassion.        

I know that if I were you, I would be very proud of them.

Donna Alcee, RN


This is just an overdue thanks on behalf of my mother, Mrs. Modesta Gonzalez, my spouse, Wilma, and myself for the wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner we enjoyed at Arbors. We were impressed with the arrangement, presentation, service and assistance provided by Dining and Recreation Services. The staff of Maureen Diaz, Theresa Schaller, and India Reid were exemplary and they are to be commended for their courtesy and professional deportment, and for making it a special day for so many of the residents.
Frank Hernandez


I would like to express my sincere thanks to you and your wonderful staff for the superb care my sister-in-law Eleanor Brady received at the Arbors.        

Your staff is truly outstanding. Bonnie was instrumental in arranging for Eleanor to come to the Arbors, is always on top of everything, even to the point of remembering to call Eleanor by her nickname and always kept the family apprised of what was going on. Dawn and Mary, the Floor Nursing staff and Dietary were all outstanding. Eleanor received excellent therapy. She did not have one complaint and believe me that is a first!        

I would like to mention that Eleanor did not want to leave the Arbors. The entire staff did so much for her not only physically but mentally. She left the Arbors in a better mental condition than she has been in five years and we fully attribute that to the care, compassion and understanding of this great staff.        

Thank you very much for having such a great team.
Claire D. Barnes


Upon the passing of my mother, Ethel Stewart, I wish to thank you for the excellent care she received during her residence at Arbors Care Center.        

I would like to commend those under your direction especially the nursing staff. They functioned in the most caring and professional manner, easing what was a difficult time for all concerned. It would not have been possible to give the specialized care that my mother received.        

It was reassuring to know that she was in the care of those who would attend to her as any family member would, had that been possible.
I again wish to express my appreciation to Arbors Care staff, continued success.

William Stewart


A Note of Appreciation        

I wish to convey my appreciation for helping Mike with his eating and medication problem for this entire year. Without the help of the entire staff including the kitchen, Mike would not have been eating properly. The kitchen has been providing hard boiled eggs and Glucerna with all his trays to ensure that he eats something. Also, the aides have been trying to get Mike to eat his food which is not an easy task.        

Mike has been at the Arbors since 2001 and I have never had a problem with the staff. The entire staff does their best to ensure all residents get the service that is required on a daily basis. In addition, I consider Arbors to be my second home and have made many friends with the staff.        

I wish to thank everyone including activities staff for helping Mike with all his four remotes which always need attention to reprogram back into working order. As long as Mike has his remotes he is a happy resident and everyone takes to the time to help him.        


Satisfied Spouse,
June Manganello



I would like to take this holiday season to thank you with all my heart for the concern and kindness you showed me the day I was signing in, John, to Arbors.        

It was a very difficult time for me and did not think I was going to be able to follow thew  with it, but you made it all possible. I wish you the best of everything in life, never change. You are certainly the right person to have your position. People like are very hard and rare to find.        

May this holy season bring the gift of happiness to you and yours,
John and Helen Matuska


To the entire Administrative Staff, reception Desk, Dining Services, Recreation, Housekeeping, Maintenance, Beauty shop, and everyone who silently works behind the scenes:        

Wishing you a beautiful holiday season.        

Thank you for all you do to take care of mom, Agnes Koenig, and dad, Gus Koenig. We appreciate your dedication and sincere hard work. You’re all “ANGLES” working here on earth and may God Bless You and your Families.        

Kathy (Koenig) and Vern Cranime


To the Arbors staff,        

The hardest thing in the world for me and my family has been the transition of my husband, William J. Villane, from our home into a long-term facility. The staff at the Arbors has made this experience a positive one for us.        

The care my husband has received since he has resided at the Arbors has been exceptional. I would like to commend all of the staff who cared for him for the healing and compassion he receives on a daily basis. To recognize a need for healing in one’s life, a person must first recognize the disharmony and discomfort that exists. I believe that this awareness exists with your staff.        

Finally, I would like to say that I appreciate the respect and care that I have received as well during this difficult journey. We are grateful to have our loving husband, father, and grandfather in the hands of the Arbors staff.        

Happy Hoildays to all.        

Catherine Villane and the Villane Family

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