Where do you find people like this? The World War II army officer who struggled to survive a POW Camp in Germany. A beautiful outfielder from the legendary All American Girls Professional Baseball League, who helped inspire the hit movie, “A League of Their Own”. A former secretary to Margaret Mitchell, who aided in editing the original draft of “Gone With the Wind”. Years after helping to shape the world for future generations, these uncommon achievers have come to share a common distinction; they are all past and present residents of Arbors Care Center in Toms River, NJ.


History has shown that to do great things, you’ve got to be at the right place at the right time. For great senior care in Ocean County, the same holds true. Renowned for its individually tailored skilled nursing and therapy services for geriatric, postoperative, orthopedic, cardiac and other patients, Arbors Care Center is recognizing the extraordinary personalities that have passed through their hallways, not to mention their rehab units and occupational therapy classes. “I believe that sharing some of the interesting facts about those that have lived here shows the diversity and richness of the lives lived by their generation”, says John Amory, administrator. “At the Arbors, the history of our residents is very important to us. Knowing their experiences and achievements over the breadth of their lives helps us to better understand those that we care for and care about. The fullness of their lives should be celebrated and never forgotten.”

At Arbors Care Center, brushes with greatness in the art world, entertainment world, even the political arena, is a common theme for its residents. For example, while living in Greenwich Village, NYC, one resident used to take her goddaughter to watch the great Jackson Pollack paint. One unforgettable resident was a talented nightclub singer who performed regularly at Manhattan’s infamous hotspot, The Copacabana. Working for a high-profile travel agency connected a former resident with such celebrities as Elvis Presley, Tony Bennett, and The Andrews Sisters, to name a few. The Arbors was also the rehab of choice for a former United States Embassy security guard who helped keep Presidents Eisenhower and Nixon out of harms way. These “almost famous” residents represent a time and cherished past, which their fellow residents and patients can relate to and reflect on fondly and passionately. Their colorful stories, reminiscences, and nostalgia creates an atmosphere of camaraderie that brings the Arbor’s residents together in social engagements that often lead to long-lasting friendships.

Whether one has a claim to fame or not, at Arbors Care Center, all residents can count on multiple levels of care in the most caring, compassionate and professional environment. Professional nurses supervise residents’ healthcare around the clock, and the most specialized physicians are always on call.

From the beginning, Arbors Care Center has been a special place for the most special seniors. By implementing an innovative design theme including a beautiful activities center, a bright lobby with 24-foot ceilings with skylights, and a naturally sunlit dining room, Arbors achieved its goal of de-institutionalizing the nursing home setting. Also unique to nursing homes, every room at The Arbors has a view –– each accommodation has large windows that either looks out into the 55-acre wooded Silverwoods campus or into the beautifully landscaped central courtyard.Arbors’ dedication to excellence includes catering to each individual’s social, mental and physical well being, and the attentive staff makes every effort to enhance residents’ quality of life and lifestyle. Spirited recreation workers regularly go out into the hallways and into residents’ rooms to announce activities and encourage residents to join in. There are daily opportunities to be creative through art therapy and ceramics classes. Social events like happy hour, coffee hour, the gardening club, visits from entertainers, and sing-a-longs inspire confidence that comes from meaningful social engagements.

Enriched by the colorful experiences of its residents and patients, Arbors Care Center continues to honor its incredible Ocean County seniors the best way it knows how, by making available world class care in a one of a kind care center as unique as the residents and families who will benefit from it.


An integral part of H. Hovnanian Senior Living’s 55-acre continuum of care campus, Arbors Care Center serves 120 residents for both long and short term stays. For those individuals requiring rehabilitative services, Arbors Care Center offers postoperative and orthopedic care, all under the direction of a licensed physician. Arbors Care Center offers three levels of care: traditional long-term care, post-hospital rehabilitation (short-term care) and respite care services. For more information or to arrange a personal tour, call the Arbors at (732) 914-0090. Arbors Care Center, 1750 Rt. 37 West, Toms River, NJ 08757.