Central New Jersey’s pulmonary patients and their loved ones can breath easier now that world class pulmonary care has come to their neighborhood. Arbors Care Center, one of the area’s finest post-hospital rehabilitation and sub-acute care facilities—announces the opening of a new state-of-the-art pulmonary rehabilitation program. Arbors will be accepting qualifying residents into the program from their own homes, area nursing homes, as well as local hospitals.

Located on the Manchester/Toms River border, Arbors Care Center distinguished itself by changing the lives of cardiac, geriatric, orthopedic and post-surgery patients in need of daily help and skilled nursing services in the most professional, compassionate, and local environment. The new pulmonary program is the latest example of Arbors’ ever-expanding commitment to the health and wellness of area seniors, and is designed to be the gold standard for patients seeking expert treatment for conditions including COPD, pneumonia, pulmonary fibrosis, chronic bronchitis, restrictive lung disease and emphysema.

Arbors’ pulmonary program is welcome news for the overwhelming percentage of patients with primary or secondary pulmonary disease who, recently discharged from hospital stays, are unprepared to handle setbacks at home, and far too often find themselves re-admitted to the hospital within a month or less. Incorporating a complete respiratory assessment and the most comprehensive customized care plan for each patient, rehabbing at Arbors Pulmonary can greatly reduce a patient’s need to return to the hospital. Daily assessments and treatments done by a respiratory therapist and weekly pulmonary team rounds led by the Arbors’ staff pulmonologist, Dr. Sanjay Sikand, are proactive measures designed to detect and treat the earliest signs of potential issues, and result in the most successful patient outcomes.

During their rehabilitation stay at Arbors, patients will be engaged in a variety of supplemental exercise programs––physical and therapeutic activities geared towards stimulating mental alertness, regaining physical skills, and building confidence. Included in this one patient at a time dedication is education and instruction aimed at giving patients an easy understanding of their conditions, as well as the medications that treat them. Feeling confident about the education and exercises learned at Arbors Care Center, and instructed on how to utilize it all at home, patients can be more successful in taking charge of their pulmonary well being.

At Arbors, the most professional care is also the most personal, and continues well after discharge. Follow up visits with Arbors’ pulmonologist are scheduled, and post discharge calls to the patient are regularly made to protect patients’ future health and wellness.

Cost is always a concern, so at Arbors Care Center the goal is to not only create the very best pulmonary care center in the region, but also the most value-conscious alternative to a Long Term Acute Care Hospital. Patients who rehab at Arbors get the specialized care and treatments they need including Airvo therapy, Autopap, Bipap, Cpap, cough assist, and tracheostomy care and weaning––all at a lower cost site of service.

Like all patients and residents at Arbors, patients rehabbing at the new pulmonary program will have the opportunity to broaden their horizons physically, socially, creatively and deliciously. They can take advantage of the the most beautiful activities room; home to all sorts of exercise and art classes, enjoy three deliciously nutritious meals served in a magnificent sunlit dining room, and feel empowered by the most professional staff of recreation workers who routinely go into patients’ rooms inviting them to participate in the activities that stimulate healing, happiness, and new social connections and camaraderie. It’s no surprise that many short-term patients who come to Arbors for multi-levels of specialized care, ultimately choose to take advantage of the multiplicity of ways to enhance their lifestyle by becoming permanent residents. Seniors, whose lives at home have become stagnant and solitary, begin to thrive by becoming a permanent part of this community that celebrates healthy and happy living every day in every way. Arbors Care Center has all the services to satisfy residents’ every need, the activities to nurture their minds and bodies, and around the clock professional nurse supervision, and the most specialized physicians on call to safeguard their health and well-being.

An integral part of H. Hovnanian Senior Living’s 55-acre continuum of care campus, Arbors Care Center provides more than 150 highly skilled professional caregivers to serve 120 residents for both long and short-term stays. In addition to the new pulmonary rehabilitation program, Arbors Care Center offers three levels of care: traditional long-term care, post-hospital short-term care and respite care services.

For more information, or to arrange a tour, call 732-914-0090 or visit the center at 1750 Route 37 West, Toms River.